Harvest Word Ministry


The Will of God

The will of God is the exact way  that God wants His Word, received and carried out. Jesus came to earth  and walked in flesh to show us exactly how to receive the father’s word (which is  His will and carry it out).

Jesus the will of God

Jesus is the living will of the Father. A word spoken to Mary and received and became flesh and dwelt among us and became sin and gave us salvation. Salvation is the total package of freedom. Save means to rescue you out of the old will (the world, satan and your own will), into the will of  Father God. The Holy Spirit reveals the will of God concerning you. The Holy Spirit reveals it daily, in time and season and with purpose and destiny. The Holy Spirit will show you exactly what the will of God is for you.

Stay Focus!

Don’t lose focus on the will of God for your life. Sarah lost focus and gave Hagar to Abraham to fulfill the will of God concerning Abraham. God could not make convent with Ismael  because he was not the  will (the word) He had spoken concerning Abraham. God only makes covenant  with His will. That is why you must separate your will (old wills and wrong wills) from God’s will. God has no covenant with your wills.

You don’t know what God is preparing you for, so you have to stay focus on the right thing at the right time. Don’t be bewitched by the devil, “beguiled” as Eve was beguiled by the serpent .

Jesus is the will of God, when you accept Jesus you accept  the will  of God. His general will is for everything and everybody, His specific will  is your personal  will for your life.

Anytime you accept the will of God the Father, you immediately take destruction off your life.

Accept the will of God for your life today  and pray this prayer. “Father, in the name of Jesus , forgive me for years I have walked in pride, being self-righteous, self-willed., and self-glorified, thinking I deserved it. But today I humble myself before you and today I will become subject to your will."