Harvest Word Ministry
To whom it may concern,
we here at Harvest Word Ministry in Zebulon, NC
believe in and practice honoring GOD's House, in the way GOD has establish for us.
We don't want our coming here to be in vain. 
We do these because they're what pleasing and acceptable to HIM.
With that being said, we ask our visitors to adhere to the same standards.
If you can't or won't follow them, we understand and hold no ill feelings with you refusing this invitation, or deciding to hold your special event somewhere else.
Below is a list of rules we follow and ask our visitors to do also. 
No eating of food, candy, throat lozenges, cookies, chewing gum, or drinking of any kind in sanctuary.  
If medicine needs to be taken, we asked that individual go to the kitchen.  
(There's a monitor (tv) streaming the service.)  
Parents and children under 18 years of age are to sit together. 
That electronic mobile devices be silenced or turn off, except looking up scripture.
This include children also. 
That women and young girls:
Have nothing showing below cleavage area.
Dress, skirts, or pants be knee length and below.
Nothing be so tight as to show lines or private areas. 
That men and young boys:
Have no underwear showing.
No tight fitting body shirts.
Pants loose enough as not to be showing private areas.
That shorts be at least knee length.
That shirts be button from least second to last button to the neck.
That no provocative or offensive clothing be worn. Such as "cursed' words or "sexual content". -
For babies that are nourshing: If bottles are pre-made, it's okay to feed in sanctuary.
If bottles needs to be made, we ask that caregiver go to kitchen or bathroom. 
No breast feeding in the sanctuary. 
No feeding of food (outside a bottle) of any kind in sanctuary.
No changing of diapers or underpants in the sanctuary.
Please don't allow babies or children to stand or walk in pews.
If babies or children become restless or noisy, please take to kitchen. Or classrooms if they're available.

Thanking GOD for your help: Pastor Larry & Apostle Hattie Stancil and the Harvest Word Ministry family