Harvest Word Ministry
Worship Through Giving
Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for GOD loveth a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9:7KJV
Tithes and Offering: give by Obedience unto GOD
Wealth Building Seed: Devine Wealth - every first of the month or give the best seed on every first Saturday
Soul Seed: Name a Soul for Salvation- sow every second Saturday
Esther House: Devine Health - partner seed sow any time every month
Apostle's Feet: "...may cause Blessings to rest in thine house" Ezekiel 44:30KJV
First Fruit: first of the year, should be done in the month of January: put in the hands of the priest (Pastor)
Passover Seed: three envelops TBA-fullness of the GOD Head - done the Friday night before Easter (April 2024)
Pentecost seed: $50.00 - June 2024
Safe Haven Partner Seed: Mercy Seed - sow any time of the month  
Atonement Seed: $50.00 you may so during the month of  September
2024 New Year's Seed $88.00 
Offertory Declaration
FATHER, bless our tithes and offering as we give to YOU willingly.  Forgive us if we have held back anything that belongs to YOU knowingly or unknowingly.  Thank YOU for a second chance to give in total obedience.  Thank YOU for my tithes and offerings that open the windows of Heaven and destroy curses.  Thank YOU for my first fruit that blesses my yearly increase.  Thank YOU for my mercy seed that brings needed compassion.  Thank YOU for my soul seed that brings salvation.  Thank YOU for my health seed that brings divine health.  And thank YOU for my wealth seed that brings supernatural overflow and divine property.  Thank YOU, FATHER, that my giving is never in vain and my seed will always bring its harvest.