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Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College & Training Institute
You may enroll through the month of October 2023. 
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $130.00 per student  
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Master Degree
  • Doctorate Degree
  • Certifications 
2023- 2024 Courses
  • Biblical Studies
  • Deliverance Ministry
  • Pastoral & Ministerial 
  • Apostolic Ministry
  • Dance Ministry 
  • Christian Therapy
  • Temperament Studies
  • Hospitality Certification
  • Safe Serve Certification 
  • Master Business & Administration  
  • High School Diploma
  • Youth and Primary Studies
  • Safety & Security 

2023-2024 Learning Sites
  • Online 
  • Zebulon
  • Chapel Hill
  • Durham
  • Sanford
  • Benson
  • Goldsboro
  • Altavista, VA 
Zoom Class Information: if you missed onsite class, please confer with your instructor before attending/make up class online.  *Do Not Attend an online Class without first speaking with your instructor to set up attendance with the online instructor *
Dr. Hattie Stancil           
Meeting ID: 833 9245 4833     
Password: Stancil          
Instructor Terry Harper             
Meeting ID: 819 4630 2282      
Password: Harper         
Dr. Minie Cameron
Meeting ID: 828 4980 2282
Password: Cameron
Dr. J Howell
Meeting ID: 860 9245 4833
Password: Howell
Instructor Jennifer Blue
Meeting: 892 9818 7848 
Password: Blue 
2023-2024 Graduation TBA
Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 2PM
Graduating Class arrive at 11:30PM
Graduation Requirements: Tuition and graduation fee must be paid in full, and All assignments turned in to instructor.  
Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College and Training Institute Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College and Training Institute is a school for everyone. For those who want more; to apply the Word of GOD practically in their lives; for those who seek to increase their knowledge of the Word of GOD; for those who are in ministry and want to sharpen their skills; and most importantly, for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. Safe Haven is a Bible College where that thirst and hunger can be filled. Our ultimate goal is neither about the class nor the degree, but it is to qualify you in the Kingdom of GOD. It is to equip you to be a workable instrument for the Body of Christ. The work of the institute is for you to understand the principles of “The Word” on the level of total operation. Knowledge without understanding is like stagnate water. You have the information, but you cannot go anywhere with it. Therefore, the increase knowledge and application of every position and gifting in the Body of Christ is to enhance the Kingdom of GOD and your walk with the Lord.
The mission of Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College is to teach and develop the body of Christ with the teaching of the Word in an orderly and kingly way. The church, the “ecclesia” is the called-out ones purposed to do Kingdom work and to prepare the body for Christ return. The apostolic is divine spiritual order. The job of the ministry is to teach divine order and to bring Kingdom results. The College and the Institute are to make sure that a person’s personal and spiritual life is in order and to bring Kingdom results. The reason we are a school, ministry, and church are to make each classroom a setting for teaching. No situation should go undealt with because of the power of GOD. Our job is to establish ministries within the organization out of organization.
The mission is to minister to the whole person leaving no stone unturned. To create an atmosphere that would make each individual feel comfortable and reachable no matter what natural or spiritual level they appear to be on. To create an atmosphere of complete change; mental, emotional, natural, and spiritual wellbeing.
Registration and Enrollment for Safe Haven IBCTI occurs at an in person, Open House held in August every year at each campus. Students are required to complete an application and review the registration package. A registration fee is due at enrollment. Student may choose to enroll in the degree program or elect the certificate program for any of the Bible-related courses offered. Degrees from other institutions will be reviewed and considered in placing students at the appropriate level. However, the Bible College curriculum is a continued tier matriculating from Associate through Master. Students must gain the base knowledge at the Associate level to understand the Bachelor teachings, likewise, to be successful in the Master courses. Therefore, we encourage students to enroll at the Associate level to fully understand through the Doctorate level. Safe Haven also offers most of the Bible College courses online. The academic year is nine months, September through May; graduation held in June.
Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College and Training Institute is accredited by the National Bible College Association of Private Theological Institutions. Our accreditations are for a private, Christian college and are not recognized by the state of North Carolina, regionally, nor nationally. Transfer Credits: Each institution has its own transfer credit policy and examines the content of classes completed before accepting transfer credits. All Safe Haven’s Primary and Youth Education and Early Childhood classes are equivalent to secular learning institutions. Excellent for student pursuing to become youth minister or pastor. In addition, Safe Haven is prideful how GOD has abundantly blessed the school and its students with amazing career opportunity once they received education, trainings, certifications, High School diplomas, and degrees through the college. However, hiring decisions and criteria are determined by the prospective employer, the school cannot guarantee employment opportunities. We have seen the Holy Spirit open unique job opportunities for our students.
Finally, and utter most importantly, we give GOD our Heavenly Father “ALL” the Glory, Honor, and Praise for HIS continued plans for the will of this College. HE called this school into existence; favored and open many divine doors. For HIS abundance, we are humbly grateful.
For more information about the school and registration, you may contact Dr. Hattie Stancil, Founder and President or Dr. Shirley Harrington via the school website contact information: safehavenbiblecollege@homestead.com. You may friend us on Facebook @Safe Haven Interdenominational Bible College and Training Institute to stay current with the school.
Register Online through October 31, 2023
LINK:  https://form.jotform.com/201888581813060